Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pink Hexies

 ...it's been so hot and humid here in New Jersey so I've been sewing up little hexies while enjoying the air conditioning inside. These measure 3/4" along the edge and I'm making them using the English paper piecing method. Handstitching them is so enjoyable, I just relish each step of the process.

I like to use freezer paper templates that I print out using my inkjet printer. 

I even enjoy the busy work of cutting each individual template out before ironing them onto the fabric.

I purchased precut 2" squares from either Ebay or Etsy quite awhile ago and the 3/4" hexies work perfectly for this size. The fabrics are an assortment of different shades and patterns of pink. From my stash I found the blue ticking material that I'm using for the centers.

In total I had enough little squares to make 30 hexies. The fabric selection for each petal is completely random - I just reach into the bowl without looking and whatever comes out is what gets added to the flower :) I do make an exception if I pull out 2 of the same petals, then I mix them up and try again. While I'm working on these I have all sorts of other projects whirling through my head...different size hexies and different fabric combinations. I'm sure you know the feeling!

What are you working on during these early summer days?

I hope you are having as much fun as I am. Thanks so much for sharing some crafty moments with me <3

Smiles, Diane

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