Friday, August 30, 2013

Not Much New....

Our computer is out of commission due to a bad electrical circuit which Hubby needs to troubleshoot & figure for now I am using DD's laptop to keep up with all my favorite blogs. BUT I can't post any pics so my hexie quilt update will have to wait :(

I am soooo ready to start some Fall crafting so the hexie quilt will be put on hold for awhile...

Hopefully, I'll be back soon with some pics and a crafty update :)

Smiles, Diane

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hexie Quilt Update...

I couldn't wait to share with you my little hexie quilt top...almost finished now :)

It's quite small and will probably just be a decorative accent on my bed. Each hexie side measures 3/4". 

If you read my earlier post you might remember that all the pink fabrics came from an Ebay or Etsy purchase of 2" charm squares.

I did some research on how to finish the edges and have decided to add a border of hexies first to frame it. I just got back from Joann where I picked out a pretty pink and white fabric for those hexies. The new fabric lends a vintage feel, and I can't wait to get started adding them on. So I'm off to gather up my freezer paper templates and get to, fun, fun!

I hope you're having some crafty fun today too :) Thanks for stopping by.

Smiles, Diane

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crochet Flowers Continued...

I decided that I liked the Patons Grace yarn better for the crochet flower medallions. 

I created some of my own patterns for the flowers as well as using one of the patterns I found through Pinterest mentioned in my last post here

It's easy to create your own variations of the flowers once you get the feel of how the rounds are combined.

When finished, this garland will be for Fall. I have plans to make another one in shades of blue with a little bit of pink for my bedroom...and then I thought maybe a pretty vibrant one in reds & yellows for my kitchen...picture a daisy chain <3

The only drawback of using the Grace yarn, which I absolutely love, is that Patons keeps discontinuing colors and adding new ones and their palette of colors is somewhat limited too.

OK, so what did I decide to do with the new Bernat Cotton-ish yarn that I bought from Joann? I went back to Pinterest for more inspiration and found this beautiful pattern from BunnyMummy
here and here

For my garland I also made circles to go in between the hearts 

BunnyMummy sprayed her finished motifs with spray starch and luckily I had some "Stiffen Stuff" from Beacon so I sprayed mine with that. I've only done the circles so far. It really works well to make the medallions stiff so they'll make a nice garland with no curling.

Here's an idea of how the garland will look when it's completed. This will definitely be a Halloween decoration because of how all the colors combined.

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me and maybe I've inspired you to make up one of these garlands too :)

Smiles, Diane

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yarn Tales

I took a break from hexie making to work on a crochet garland. I found these Fall colored yarns at Joann and combined them with some Paton's Grace yarn that I already had in my stash...

I did a search on Pinterest for "crochet flowers" and chose the designs I liked.

I added a new board on my Pinterest account titled "crochet flowers" here...
After many flowers made, these are the keepers so far...

The patterns came from My Rose Valley, 6ichthusfish and Yvestown blogs. Here are the direct links

It's back to hexie work today...and more crochet flowers too 'cause who am I kidding, I'm addicted :)

I hope you are enjoying some crafty time today too.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Smiles, DianeM