Friday, July 19, 2013

Hexie Update

Today I spent my time printing hexie templates and cutting them out. I chose the blue fabric for my connecting petals. It's sort of a periwinkle blue but when I saw it at the store I fell in love with polka dots and just knew it was the 'IT' fabric.

I used my traditional method of making hexie templates by printing them on freezer paper run through my printer using the grid supplied by I only had 3 paper jams <insert sarcastic tone here> but I'll chalk that up to the high humidity here in NJ right now.

So while Audie Murphy battled in the Phillippines on the Fox Movie Channel I contentedly cut out my templates. Soon I'll be able to start stitching...
Hopefully, by Sunday I'll be able to move outdoors again but for now the temps are just too high with a heat index of 105! Yikes, can't drink hot coffee outside in that kind of

In between my hexies I've been doing a little knitting and crocheting too. Ahhh, life is good :)

Thanks for sharing some crafty time with me. I hope you've been able to get some craft time in too :)

Smiles, Diane

P.S. - there's no sign of Mr. Fly anywhere

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