Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July means Fireflies

Does everyone all over the world get to enjoy Fireflies? Last night I sat outside enjoying the balmy breezes whilst awaiting the severe thunderstorms to arrive (no, they never did), and watched the fireflies light up in the trees and, so pretty. Of course, I have plenty of childhood memories of catching these friendly creatures & watching them turn their 'lights' on & off in my hand....and my children do too. They are a happy, brief moment in each summer. A favorite book of mine...

A fun read for children, but I know for me, it was the illustrations that really pulled me in...just like this other favorite, illustrated by P.D. Eastman...

If you've never heard of these books I suggest you try them out, they are both delightful :)
Now, since the predicted rain never came I have to go water my outside fireflies out now, just those pesky mosquitoes!

Enjoy your day <3
Smiles, Diane

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