Monday, August 19, 2013

Hexie Quilt Update...

I couldn't wait to share with you my little hexie quilt top...almost finished now :)

It's quite small and will probably just be a decorative accent on my bed. Each hexie side measures 3/4". 

If you read my earlier post you might remember that all the pink fabrics came from an Ebay or Etsy purchase of 2" charm squares.

I did some research on how to finish the edges and have decided to add a border of hexies first to frame it. I just got back from Joann where I picked out a pretty pink and white fabric for those hexies. The new fabric lends a vintage feel, and I can't wait to get started adding them on. So I'm off to gather up my freezer paper templates and get to, fun, fun!

I hope you're having some crafty fun today too :) Thanks for stopping by.

Smiles, Diane

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